Monday, July 29, 2013

Dorm Room Decorating: Style

Last week we talked about using creativity to decorate. This week I'll show you some ways to give your dorm room more style on a tiny budget. 

3M Hooks

I realize now that I should have purchased stock in 3M hooks as a freshman. 3M hooks are not cheap but they are reusable, are made not to leave marks on your walls, & will get you through 4 years of college & maybe your first apartment. Buy them in all sizes & get creative!

Use tiny clear hooks lining the wall next to the ceiling to hold twinkle lights
For holding back curtains
Painted with cheap acrylic paint & hung vertically to hold mugs
Hanging pictures (the big hooks are surprisingly sturdy)
To hold bathrobes or a pretty dress on a hanger.
Small hooks hung horizontally over a dresser to display necklaces.
Use the tape for hanging maps, posters & pictures.
By the door to hold your keys & purse.


I was lucky enough to have an art supply store & Paper Source two blocks from my dorm room. My roommates & I bought sheets of decorative paper & maps each semester for our walls. I now have some of these cheap maps framed in my apartment! Girls on my floor got pretty creative with this stuff. 

Use large pieces to cover an entire wall. 
Hang them diagonally & write a favourite quote across them. 
Cut them into large shapes (stars are good) & hang them on the wall. 
Cover a large canvas with sheets of paper from a design you love. I did this in one of my apartments with an oval canvas & blue floral paper. 
As a background for favourite pictures. 
Use to cover anything ugly. We covered light fixtures (don't start a fire though!) & a myriad of other ugly things in our dorm room. 
Leftovers can go in the front of your class notebook or to a poorer dorm room neighbor. 

Come back next Monday for ideas on storage in a small dorm room!

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