About Christy & Jenny

Christy & Jenny are sisters who have lived in lots of places (like Spokane, Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago & England) & have traveled to even more places (like Morocco, Ecuador, & their favourite continent, Europe.)

If you add it all up they've each spent about three years living in a tent.

They love to read & talk incessantly about books; drink copious amounts of tea (& coffee!) & Travel to new countries (or to old favourites, like England.) They get inspiration from films & TV shows & use it to make their lives more creative at home.

They also occasionally like to rant about their random thoughts... on superheroes & good films & laughter; & to share bits & pieces they've learned along the way, like How to Live with Wanderlust, How to Cope with Change, & How to Decorate a Dorm Room.

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Christy also writes at Postcards to Authors every Monday.

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