Monday, July 15, 2013

How to Lighten Up

Is there anyone else out there that tends to take life just a little too seriously?

Oh man, let me tell you; the world in my head is serious business.

There are always problems to be solved, people to be fed, AIDS orphans to be looked after. There are people who need Jesus, people who need love, people who need dinner & a place to sleep at night.

There are earthquakes & forest fires & school shootings & war. See what I mean? The world in my head is serious business. Makes it hard to rest. Makes it hard to let go, unwind, get a decent nights sleep.

I had a revelation one time. Are you ready for it? It's big, prepare yourself...

I'm not Superman.

Yup! Shocking but true. And you know what? Neither are you. Revelation!

God is in charge of saving the world. I am not. He's got it covered.

We walk around with the weight of the world on our shoulders as if everything depends on us. It doesn't.

God uses us, yes He sure does. In fact, we are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works. So there is a way to pursue changing the world which is exactly right. And yes, we are to carry each others burdens. To have compassion in a way that actually affects peoples lives.

But most of my concern for the world looks less like compassion & more like worry. Which is pretty useless.

We aren't made to save the world like Superman, but to follow Jesus wherever He leads. To sit at His feet, instead of scurry around on ours. To carry His light burden, instead of the world on our shoulders.

So we can let go. Lighten up. Maybe spend a little more time being Lois Lane & a little less time trying to be Superman.

(Adapted from my old blog)
Man of Steel image via TimesDispatch


  1. So well put - thank you for the great reminder and wise thoughts.

  2. Christy--I met your mom in Renton at Panera (yes!) for coffee a couple of months ago....long story. Anyway--I was so delighted to meet a fellow Christian blogger in person AND hear the stories of her delightful daughters. Your place here proves it--I enjoy your voices, too.

    Yep, God is God. Thank goodness!

  3. "To sit at His feet, instead of scurry around on ours."

    LOVE this line.



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