Friday, August 9, 2013

6 Reasons the Queen Is More Fun Than You Think She Is

We all love the Queen, pretty much. But she does have a kind of austere reputation... duty & tradition & all that.

Remember the opening of the Olympics in London? She came out looking all grim, & everyone kept saying "Why can't she just smile?"

To which I said -- Her Majesty the Queen of England just invited James Bond into Buckingham Palace, & then allowed a stunt double dressed like her to be flung from a helicopter while the whole world watched. She doesn't have to smile, she just proved she has a killer sense of humour.

Here are 6 reasons The Queen is more fun than you think she is...

1. Her impressions.

The Queen is apparently known among her family & friends for doing hilarious & spot on impressions of people she meets. I bet she's even better than Jimmy Fallon.

The Queen is the ultimate in the famous British reserve. But maybe she also knows a thing or two about the good ol' dry British sense of humour.

2. She laughs when she shouldn't & says what she wants.

Once in a while she seems to just do what she wants. When she saw the exhibit of Kate's wedding dress, where the veil & tiara were hovering creepily over the dress, she just said "That's horrid." Which it was.

3. She's met everyone who you think is interesting.

She has met just about every leader, pop star, & dictator from the last 60 years. Oh, J.K. Rowling? Nelson Mandela? Lady Gaga? Idi Amin? NBD.

Imagine the things she seen, the places she's been. She must be the most fascinating dinner party guest ever.

4. That time that guy broke into Buckingham.

Do you know this story? A guy literally broke into Buckingham Palace & got into the Queen's bedroom. She stayed calm & just chatted with him, until he was relaxed enough to just let her ring for tea. Eventually someone realized something was happening (maybe it was when the Queen asked for two cups of tea when she was supposedly alone?) & they came & got the guy.

She definitely proves that she can keep a cool head in crazy situations. I think just dealing with her weird life must take a certain amount of levity.

5. She occasionally busts out a seriously charming smile.

She may not smile all the time, but when she does it is charming.

6. That James Bond stunt.

Danny Boyle was actually planning on using Helen Mirren or another actress to play the Queen for the Olympics Opening Ceremony. But the Queen volunteered to do it herself.

(Watch the whole crazy thing here.)

I mean, seriously, guys. The Queen is more fun than you think she is. Right?

Images of the Queen via Daily Mail, here, NYDailyNews, here, & Telegraph


  1. Love the post, but a major bummer is that the you tube vid you posted is blocked.

    1. Thanks for the tip, Kate! You can still click through & watch it on youtube, I just can't post it here, apparently. xx

  2. So fun! I completely agree with you - she would be the best dinner party guest!

  3. Let's invite her to dinner.



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