Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Seattle Places: Easy Street Records

Seattle, USA

Welcome to Seattle, the birthplace of the grunge movement & great coffee.


It makes sense that in a city like this, there are still a few great places to buy a real CD. 

Music in Seattle

At Easy Street Records, you can find the classics (The Beatles) & the obscure (The Thrills). They even host concerts & have a coffee shop. 

Inside Easy Street Music

As much as I love my iPod, I still appreciate a good nineties throwback. Easy Street delivers with LPs, music magazines, clearance cassette tapes, & electric-guitar-shaped spatulas.

Easy Street Music in Seattle

Easy Street Music phone booths

There are old phone booths for listening to music before you buy. 

Easy Street Music Poster

It wouldn't be Seattle without a good drug reference.

Easy Street Music Arcade Fire

When I visit, I can't leave the store without a few CDs in my bag, plus the odd Easy Street Records pin or Weezer key chain. And that guitar shaped spatula is definitely in my kitchen. 

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