Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summer in the City

We are having a pretty stunning summer in Chicago.

Buckingham Fountain in Chicago Chicago beach Cubs at Wrigley Field diner in Chicago summer flowers Lake Michigan in summertime

We would both consider ourselves Fall Girls & we even love the rain (it's cozy.) But we are soaking up the sunshine this summer.

It's been a gorgeous (read: not crazy scorching hot) Chicago summer. (Until this week! This week has been a bit melting.) July has been full of breezy hot days & blue skies.

London skyline blue skies first dance bare feet in Lake Michigan City wedding bridesmaids

A lot has been happening around here. Christy moved back to the States from England. Jenny married Daniel (& began a quest to de-girl-ify the apartment they now share.) Christy is about to celebrate her 32nd birthday. White House Down came out. Big stuff.

We've had so much fun starting this blog & are looking forward to sharing more with you guys. But in the meantime, we hope you get a chance to just go outside & soak up a little Vitamin D. Because summer is short, but as Martha would say, "It's a good thing."

Summer in the City photos via Instagram

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