Monday, July 1, 2013

Why I Love The Bourne Identity

I love The Bourne Identity.

Like, I love The Bourne Identity with an obsessive kind of love.

I watch it almost once a month. I find it weirdly comforting. I can't quite explain it.

I'm aware that girls aren't exactly famous for a passionate love of action movies. But I mean, come on girls. How can you not love Jason Bourne?

There are a lot of great things about this movie. Fight scenes. Love. That chase scene with the mini. The freaky pen fight scene that proves anything is a weapon in the hands of a master.

There's travel. The Bourne Identity was shot on location all over Europe before that was a normal thing to do.

And basically he spends the whole movie searching for his identity. I can so relate to that. There's something compelling about such a strong character who knows how to do so much, but doesn't even know who he is.

Another thing I love about The Bourne Identity is Marie. She's one of my favourite Strong Female Fictional Characters. She's such a gamer. When most girls would scream or freak out or give up, she just buckles her seat belt & holds on.

And then there's this.

John Piper says, "All heroes are a shadow of Christ."

That's why Superman & Jack Bauer & even Mr. Darcy are so great. Because they are a picture, a shadow, of the real hero.

All the very best things about Jason Bourne are just a small taste of what life is like with Christ.

That's why I really love The Bourne Identity.

(This post was adapted from my old blog.)
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  1. my favorite movie has long been "the hunt for red october." and in general, i'd rather watch an action movie with a good story than a chick flick. bourne hasn't hit my favorite list, but i'm with you on the action films and the heroes containing some aspect of Christ.


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