Monday, August 5, 2013

Dorm Room Decorating: Storage

Dorm rooms can be really tiny, which creates a challenge when you need to store school supplies, clothes, books, toiletries, food...and all your roommates stuff! You probably have a lot to pack into a small amount of space. This requires some ingenuity.

Here are a few storage ideas that worked for me:

*Rearrange your furniture. One of my roommates & I put one of the two regulation dressers into the closet. We had less closet space, but it made for a lot more space in the room.

*Stack your bunk bed...or don't. For awhile, my roommate & I stacked our bunk beds, & eventually decided having a 'normal' bed was worth missing out on some floor space.

*Under the bed rubbermaid bins. These are lifesavers. Label them so you can easily see what's inside.

*Fabric or paper covered boxes. Use for computer cords, extra school supplies, snacks, you name it. Hide the stuff that's not cute!

*Use baskets to hold bigger items: blow dryers, dishes, etc.

*Stacking rubbermaid drawers. These can go in your closet or you can use the top of one for your coffee pot & mugs.

*Whittle down what you bring. Seriously. Don't bring everything you own. Your roommate (& you) will be glad you left some things at home.

My favourite sources for finding cheap storage solutions are Target, Ikea, & graduating seniors!

Next week, we'll wrap up the Dorm Room Decorating series with some ideas on bringing comfort & ambience to your dorm room!

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