Monday, August 26, 2013

Easy DIY Lavender Spray

I have a little blue bottle filled with lavender & water & I spray it on everything. Sheets, pillows, curtains, & even my hair in the morning to tame down frizz. Lavender relaxes you & smells great.

Whenever my sister sees me spraying lavender mist all over everything, she says "You're such a hippy." But she also regularly walks into my room & asks why it smells so good in there.

Lavender Spray is crazy easy to make. It's so much cheaper than buying expensive linen sprays at home shops.

How to make your own Lavender Spray

All you need is a glass spray bottle (I get mine for a few bucks at Whole Foods) & a small bottle of lavender essential oil. You can usually find essential oil for ten bucks or less at Whole foods, or you can even order it from Amazon.

They usually say to add 10-12 drops of oil to a small bottle of water, but I tend to add about double that. I put the water in first so if I accidentally overflow the bottle I don't waste any of the lavender.

And that's it, you've made your own lavender linen spray &/or hair de-frizzer. Put the cap back on, spray liberally, & wait for someone to ask you why your house smells so good.


  1. Thanks for the tip, I do enjoy the lavender affect. Keep up the good work!
    The Beckmiester is reading.

  2. I'm a hair product junkie! Anything that defrizzes hair, I will buy... so this will really work? Really?!

    1. It's not a miracle pill or anything, but yes, it really does help. I use it on my curly, unruly hair almost every morning. (:

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