Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rome Places: Victor Emmanuel Monument

Victor Emmanuel Monument, Rome

This time last year, I went to Rome on holiday with a friend. It was sunny, peaceful, epic & oh so hot.

Italian flag

One of the places we went was the Victor Emmanuel Monument. Or as the Romans apparently call it, The Wedding Cake.

Roman Statue

I'm usually a history buff. When I travel, I'm the one dragging everyone through museums, reading plaques, spouting off facts from the guide books I've been reading.

Details of Roman Ceiling

Rome is a history lovers dream. But when I was there on holiday, instead of studying the history, I did something unusual.

I relaxed.

White Ceiling, Rome

I'm sure the Victor Emmanuel Monument has a fascinating history. Maybe someday I'll get to go back & soak it up.

White details, Rome, Italy

But on this trip? We wandered up to the cafe on the roof, which has a view of the Colosseum & big fans that spray a cool mist.

View of the Colosseum from the Wedding Cake Building

We sat in the cafe in the baking hot sun, & ordered coffee. Illy coffee. Life-changing coffee. Italian coffee.

The Wedding Cake Building

I went on to drink lots of coffee in my week in Rome, but the cafe at the Victor Emmanuel Monument is where I had my first sip of epic Italian coffee. Let's just say, it ruined me for all normal coffee forever.

Statue in Rome

So if you get the chance to go to Rome someday, please do me a favour. Pause in your enjoyment of Ancient Roman ruins. Go to the roof of the Victor Emmanuel Monument, look out at the Colosseum, & enjoy a cup of Italian coffee for me. Your caffeinated life will never be the same.

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  1. I love Rome more than I can put into words!

    Thanks for your comment on our blog....yours is so very lovely- we'll definitly (did I misspell that....and did I misspell misspell- I'm not a native speaker as you can tell) be back!

    Love from Germany,


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