Friday, September 27, 2013

Inspiration from Castle: Kate Beckett's Apartment

Kate Beckett's Apartment

Nathan Fillion used to be in this great old 90's show Two Guys, a Girl & a Pizza Place with Ryan Reynolds.  (Jenny & I still refer to Ryan Reynolds as "Berg," his character in the show.)

Also, my friend Sharelle, who has impeccable taste, has been raving about Castle (Nathan Fillion as a writer!) for years.

So when I finally got around to watching Castle, I was not surprised to find that I loved it.

Let's take a moment & admire Detective Kate Beckett's sweet loft apartment, shall we?

Kate Beckett's Apartment

A union jack pillow, always a good thing.
Check out those bookshelves on the left. They are individual shelves, staggered randomly on the wall.
Industrial lights attached over the bookcases. In fact, the lighting in general is really good.
Stana Katic in Beckett's Apartment

Supposedly that door leads to a rooftop garden.
And Stana Katic (who plays Kate Beckett) is adorable as always.

Kate Beckett's Apartment in Castle

Those bookshelves again.
A little fireplace.
And that room you can see is a little home office.

Kate Beckett's Living Room

The look of Beckett's apartment is more stark & industrial than the way I tend to decorate.
But there are a lot of great little details & the whole thing just works.

Kate Beckett's Apartment

The view from the front door. The fireplace & office are on the left, the kitchen on the right. And see those stairs on the right, with books stacked on them? That's the spot that leads to the roof.

Kate Beckett's Kitchen

The kitchen.
The stairs with stacks of books.
That table/stove top is awesome.
And I think this use of small space would make IKEA proud.

Kate Beckett's Kitchen

In the second season of Castle, Beckett's old apartment was blown up by someone trying to kill her. (It's rough being a NYPD Detective.) So when the designers planned this new apartment for her, they intentionally made it eclectic & industrial, with bits & pieces from her old apartment mixed haphazardly with new stuff.

Stana Katic in Castle

I just love that Kate Beckett so much. She has definitely joined the list of my favourite strong female fictional characters.

And I wouldn't mind living in that great loft apartment of hers.

{More Inspiration from Castle: Richard Castle's Office}

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