Wednesday, October 9, 2013

BBC's The Paradise

BBC's The Paradise

It's no secret that we really love British period dramas. And thanks to Downton Abbey, so does the rest of the world! While we anxiously await the premiere of Downton Abbey series four in America, we are enjoying a few of the many other excellent British costume dramas.

I am super excited about BBC's The Paradise, which just started airing on PBS this week. The show tells the story of Denise Lovett & her new job at The Paradise, a swanky department store in London. I already have the book on hold at the library, and am excited to see that series two will start airing in England at the end of this year.

This show has all the "power struggles, intrigues and romance" we love about a good British series. Thanks for keeping me entertained while I wait for Downton Abbey series 4, PBS!
The Paradise image via the BBC

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