Friday, October 18, 2013

Our Favourite Fall TV Shows

We both love a good TV show. Here are a few of our fall favourites...

Agents of Shield
Agents of Shield is a little bit of Marvel every week. We both love this show so far. It seems like it needs some time to find it's feet & balance out, so hopefully it gets the chance. It did just get picked up for a full season; yay. Hulk smash.

Truly, this is one of the best shows on television, don't you think? It just nails what family & relationships really feel like. The Bravermans are the best. Who wouldn't love Zeek, Crosby, Max? (Catch up on the first 4 seasons on Netflix.)

Christy caught up on all 5 seasons of Castle in the last few months, that's how much she loves it. Nathan Fillion as a writer, people. It's great.

How I Met Your Mother
This show makes Christy laugh out loud every week. And she kind of want to be friends with The Mother.

Chicago Fire
Oh, the crazy drama of being a firefighter in Chicago. (If you haven't tried Chicago Fire yet, the first season is totally worth catching up on.)

Also, Christy is trying out Hostages, with Toni Collette & Dylan McDermott. Oh & The Michael J. Fox show is quite funny.

What shows are you watching?

Our Favourite Fall TV Show images: Agents of Shield & Chicago Fire


  1. I won't tell you exactly "how many" shows I watch (but I will say there are nights that I am recording up to 12 shows throughout the night), but I will say I loved this post and a look at what you are watching and enjoying. The brand new series this fall that I am enjoying the most so far - The Blacklist and The Goldbergs. Some that I am happy to have back (and you should check out if so inclined) are The Mentalist, Modern Family and Sons of Anarchy. I wish we could sit and chat about the shows we watch in person!

    1. Sara! Chatting about shows with you would be so fun.
      I JUST started watching Modern Family (they've been playing marathons every day & I keep getting hooked.) I can't believe how much it makes me laugh. xx


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