Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Starved Rock Camping Trip

A few weekends ago, before the weather got cold, Daniel & I went on a fun camping trip. When we first started dating, we went to Starved Rock State Park with a group from church, so we were excited to go back this year.

We camped in a little spot in the woods and had fun walking around and seeing the other camper's sites. Starved Rock is about three hours from Chicago, and people are pretty serious about camping here: pop-up campers, picnic bench tablecloths, twinkle light, and coffee pots.

I packed some camping snacks (and of course muffins & the tea kettle!) and we enjoyed a night away from the city and reading time in front of the camp fire. The next morning, we went hiking at Starved Rock, then headed back to the city, feeling refreshed. I think we may have found a new yearly tradition!


  1. I love the look into your little retreat together! (and the fact that I see a bit of a baby bump!!)

  2. What a lovely little camping trip! So glad that you two got a little time away, and in such a beautiful setting.

  3. Nothing like a nice night camping in the woods to restore yourselves! Great idea!


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