Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fall Projects

There is something that happens to me every year when fall comes around. As soon as the air gets crisper & the leaves start to turn, I get the urge to make something. I think I've had it especially bad this year (can you start nesting in the first trimester?), so I've been pouring myself lots of tea, turning on BBC Radio 4, & pulling out my sewing supplies.

I have big plans for nursery sewing projects (a play quilt for the floor, a pink & purple quilt for the baby girl!, travel-themed cloth blocks, a rain & cloud mobile, etc.).

I'm also starting a quilt for our living room (5+ projects. See? I have it bad.). The quilt was inspired by this quilt and I am using random fabrics from my collection. We used a lot of my fabric as centerpiece tablecloths for our wedding, so it will be fun to see them around the house & in the nursery!

Hopefully this urge to make things will last long enough for me to finish all of these projects! It shouldn't be a problem, with a long winter ahead before my March due-date, an endless supply of Tetley tea, & so many great programmes on BBC Radio 4.

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