Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Minneapolis Places: Great Harvest Bread Co.

When Daniel & I visited Minneapolis recently, we went to one of my favourite neighborhoods, Linden Hills. Just a few blocks from Lake Harriet, this is such a fun spot to eat, browse, get coffee, and visit the best kid's bookstore in town

When I lived in Minneapolis, I used to drive over to Great Harvest Bread Co. in Linden Hills every Thursday to pick up a loaf of their delicious spelt bread.

Great Harvest is a national chain that makes delicious bread (& cookies, scones, granola...) fresh every morning.

When you visit the front counter, they give out free (very large!) slices of bread. We tried the gluten-free bread & caramel apple bread, of course with lots of butter, and were not disappointed.

The Great Harvest in Linden Hills is a cozy spot to stop for a cup of coffee, a snack, & a few loaves of their wonderful bread. They even have a kid's corner, dog treats, & a mural of nearby Lake Harriet.


  1. I love this place and would like a slice of bread right now. Great pictures of you and Daniel.


  2. Thanks for your kind words about Tom & Sally's bakery. Great photos too!

  3. Another wonderful Minnesota place! Lovely post. Makes me hungry for some bread... and also makes me wish for you guys to come back to visit soon!


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