Friday, December 20, 2013

O Come Let Us Adore Him

O Come Let Us Adore Him is a crazy song.

I was listening to it the other day & it just struck me as so odd.

Not "come let us do good things," or "come let us overcome our fears," or "come let us work hard," or "come let us tell God thank you."

Just: Come... let us adore Him.

It's a love song, or at least an invitation to one.

It's freeing & a little bit terrifying. It takes away my grip on control.
Just letting go & adoring Him. No agenda, no project, no gift.

For He alone is worthy.

We give Him all the glory.

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  1. Beautiful post. When I seriously pay attention to the words of our Christmas Carols…I'm amazed of many who listen to or sing the songs don't realize who Jesus truly is!


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