Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dusting Off the Kindle

girl reading an ebook

Confession: I read a book on the Kindle this weekend.

Every time someone new comes to visit our apartment, they take one look at our bookshelves (6 + tall bookcases), and say “Guys, have you ever heard of the Kindle?” (This is followed closely by: “There’s no way you can move all these books.” Au contraire. I have moved them multiple times between three states.)

My response is usually: “We have a Kindle!....somewhere.” (it’s covered in dust). Because, let's be honest, there’s just nothing like holding & reading a real book.

This weekend though, I was looking for a few books on my library’s website, and one of the books (The 100 Thing Challenge) was only available as an e-book. And it was available immediately. I went into the room we’re turning into a nursery, and found under a pile of papers: the dusty Kindle (much more dusty than any of our books). I downloaded the book, and just finished reading it yesterday. I’m not going to lie, I was pretty into it (the book & the Kindle.)

This week in Chicago, the weather has been brutally cold (like frostbite on our feet from being outside for 10 minutes cold.) Plus I’m seven months pregnant, and as much as I love our library, I was kind of excited about the possibility of instant access to a bunch of new books, without leaving my home or my pajamas.

I’m not anywhere near ‘switching’ to the Kindle, but I am wondering if I should take it with me on our vacation in two weeks (solving some of the ‘I’m almost at the end of this novel, but I’ll be gone for a week and need a few reading options on vacation but don’t want a suitcase that weighs a million pounds’ problem.)

The jury’s out on that one. For now, I’ll settle for having a little less dust on our electronic books.

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