Friday, January 10, 2014

Inspiration at Anthropologie

firewood & pretty dishes

If you're looking for a little fresh creative inspiration, you could do worse then to spend some time wandering in Anthropologie.

books & bedspreads

colourful books

It's not just the actual stuff that's cool; they are really creative in how they decorate their stores.

decorating with firewood

pretty books & soaps

It's fun to wander a bit & see what's new.

decorating ideas from Anthropologie

whitewashed wood

Jenny & Mom & I were downtown last night & popped in to have a look.

books & bedspreads at Anthro

fern & coloured glasses

As Jenny says, Anthropologie makes you want to go home & light a scented candle.

books & bright colours

green couch & cushions

I just snapped these pictures with my iPhone; & came home feeling a bit more inspired.

barrels for decorating


  1. I love Anthropologie! Definitely a store I miss being stationed in Pensacola. Even my brother has sent me texts of decorating ideas from Anthro (pretty sure he got dragged in by another sister)!

  2. This year I said I did not want any presents for my birthday, (and I meant it), but next year ... I want that green couch.


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