Monday, August 19, 2013

Dorm Room Decorating: Comfort & Ambience

Your college years can be hard. While I was in school, I went through a bad breakup, lost a beloved grandparent, & my parents moved across the country. Even when I was just dealing with stressful midterms, it was always helpful to know I could go back to my room, where I knew a cozy blanket & a nice cup of tea were waiting for me. 

Even if you get through your college years without too much interpersonal drama, sometimes you just miss your mom & your home! A cozy, comforting room is just what you need. 


Dorm rooms are often filled with wooden furniture. Soften it up! Make sure to have lots of cozy blankets & pillows for studying, chatting with friends, & the all-important nap. 

Put down some throw rugs, have framed photos of far away friends & family, & a few favourite things from home. 

A Beverage Corner

I don't know about you, but I drank a lot of coffee in college. Make sure when you do, it's out of a cute mug! In my dorm room, my roommate & I set up a beverage corner on top of our small fridge. It included: 

a coffee pot
an electric tea kettle
spoons in a small cup
cream in the fridge 
We hung pretty coloured mugs on the wall using 3M hooks. 

It was always fun to have girls in for a cup of tea or coffee & a study break. 

Just say no to fluorescent lights! As if all that homework isn't already giving you a headache! In college, we were all in a Facebook group called "People Against The Use Of Fluorescent Lighting." 

Open your blinds, turn off the overhead lights, & bring in some ambience! 

Target has great battery operated candles (some are even scented & flicker like real candles!) if you can't light candles in your dorm room. 

Paper lanterns from IKEA are fun. 

Get some cheap standing lamps for lots of light. 

Clip on desk lamps & fun patterned lamp shades make it cozy & pretty! 

Put twinkle lights everywhere. These are great for getting ready on those early mornings after a late night of studying. No one needs to see you looking that tired! 

Fresh Air

It's hard to think clearly in a dirty room with musty air (plus it's kind of gross)!

Open your windows. At least once a day. 

Clean your room. Keep Clorox or Method wipes close by & shake out your throw rugs often! 

Make your bed every morning. In such a small room, it will make a huge difference! 

Spray a little perfume on your curtains to make your whole room smell good (make sure your roommate likes the scent first!). Or use a few drops of essential oil (lavendar is great!) in a spray bottle filled with water. 

Most of these ideas can be done be using things you already have plus a shopping trip to IKEA, Walmart, or Target. 

Well, we've covered creativity, style, storage & comfort. Have fun decorating your dorm room!


  1. Just reading your list makes me want to be back in college!!! We moved my sister in to her first college apartment and although it hasn't been that long since I was in her shoes I was all kinds of jealous!!



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